Data scientist. Recurse Center alumna. Travel junkie.

Serena is a senior data scientist at the analytics consultancy Bardess, currently based in Toronto, Canada. Before joining Bardess, she has worked both in academia as an ML researcher and in the industry as a data science consultant on the Australian, British and Canadian markets. Serena is passionate about education, community and tech for good and she splits her free time between mentoring data science students, organizing meetups and volunteering.

  • Research

    • S. Peruzzo, M. Holenderski & J. J. Lukkien, Pattern-based feature extraction for fault detection in quality relevant process control, ETFA 2017
    • C. Hull, E. Stark , S. Peruzzo & C. Sims, 2013, Avian collisions at two wind farms in Tasmania, Australia: Taxonomic and ecological characteristics of colliders versus non-colliders, New Zealand Journal of Zoology, 40:1, 47-62



Document summarisation by keyphrase extraction: a simple algorithm for summarising the content of articles/web pages built in Flask

Baby Names Wizard

Name popularity in the US: a visual exploration of baby names in the US made in R using shiny and ggplot2